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Career in
Bio-energy Healing 

By choosing a career with Michael O Doherty’s Bio-energy healing and  Healthcare System you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Learning from the Founder of Bio-energy Healing in Ireland.
  •  Michaels 28 years of experience.
  • Michaels ongoing publicity.
  • Learning the leading edge Bio-energy healing and healthcare skills that has guided many many people back to health.
  • Being in control of your own and your family health.
  • Growing your own successful practice or enhancing your existing practice.
  • Having immense job satisfaction from witnessing miraculous type changes in clients lives.
  • Evolving your own healthcare strategies bringing you to another level of awareness.
  • A secure income.

Next Therapist Training Programme starts November 2019

The Training Course

Michaels Training course is broad and dynamic. Apart from intense practical and theoretical work, relevant time is given to the Trainee’s personal health strategies. This involves Meridian stretching, advanced meditation practices, Leading edge emotional transformation techniques and advanced Bio-energy treatment skills.

Many of these techniques that you will be taught are thousands of years old and are now beginning to be validated by the findings of modern scientific medicine.

This course will give you the opportunity to develop a number of unique and very specialized Protocols designed to understand and manipulate the Bio-energetic structure of the body and also how to develop your extra sensory ability.

Apart from these unique techniques trainees will be given the knowledge to understand the science of this energy, how and why it works, and each trainee will be provided with a manual containing specially developed protocols and other information that trainees can administer on their clients/patients depending on the symptoms that are presented at their clinic.

If you are already in the health-care profession such as a chiropractor, massage therapist, counsellor, doctor, Nurse, Sports therapist etc. and would like to enhance your treatments then Michael O Doherty’s Bio-Energy Healing Techniques is what you need to learn. An Integrated healthcare approach is the way forward.











  • Specific Disease programmes designed by Michael.
  • Advanced Emotional transformation techniques.
  • Patient Mindset training skills.
  • The Bio-energy system and its relation to illness and health.
  • Chi Kung/Active Meditation
  • Children’s health-care
  • Environmental Factors and Health
  • All Other factors relating to health
  • Your Business plan.


  • A contract between Michael O Doherty and Justimagine Ltd and each trainee is required.
  • Trainee Therapists will be obliged to uphold the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Case Histories required.
  • On successful completion of the Therapists Training Course, Therapists will receive a Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy.


2019 Therapist Training Dates

Starts on the 2nd of February 2019 – ends in October 2019

Weekend 1.    Feb 2nd & 3rd – Family and General Health-care Programme

Weekend 2.   March 9th & 10th – Conception, womb-life and birth. Pre, peri and post natal trauma. The digestive system.

Weekend 3.   April 6th & 7th – The Energy System. Children’s health.  Addiction. Behaviour.

Weekend 4.   May 11th & 12th – The Energy System and Emotions.  Depression and Anxiety. Nutrition

Weekend 5.   June 8th & 9th – The Energy System and Autoimmune Conditions

Weekend 6.   July 13th & 14th – The Energy System and Neuromuscular disorders.

Weekend 7.   Sept 7th & 8th – The Energy system and Your Mind, Emotions and Environment. Muscular and Skeletal Issues

Weekend 8.   Oct 12th & 13th – Saturday: Refresh and Overview.  Sunday: Practical and Theoretical Assessments.

Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: 9.30am to 4.30pm.
Lunch Break: 1pm to 2.15pm

2019-2020 Therapist Training starts on the 9th November 2019 (2020 dates to be confirmed)


“Just Imagine Ltd” & Michael O’Doherty

The word “Patient” in this Code of Professional Conduct is broadly understood to mean those individuals or groups of individuals who have contact with the Therapist in his or her professional capacity and does not necessarily denote or imply ill health.

The word “Therapist” is understood to mean any person working with the “Just Imagine Limited” Institute and any of its associated clinics.

The purpose of this Code of Professional Conduct is to help the Therapist to make professional decisions and to carry out his or her responsibilities. Its purpose also is to promote the highest standards of professional behaviour.

The Code of Professional Conduct provides general guidelines but specific issues will be considered as and when they arise.

“Just Imagine Ltd” demands a high standard of professional behaviour from Therapists and each Therapist is responsible for his or her practice of the Therapy.

The aim of Bio-Energy Therapy is to give the highest standards of care possible to patients and any circumstances or set of circumstances which could place either the Patients of the Clinics of the Institute in jeopardy should immediately be made known to Michael O’Doherty.

Information regarding a Patient’s history, treatment and state of health is privileged and confidential and under no circumstances should this confidentiality be breached, except with the express consent of the patient. From time to time, facts relating to treatment will be recorded as part of the on-going care and treatment of the patient. Judgment and care should be exercised in sharing such information with professional colleagues. The confidentiality of a Patient’s Record must be safeguarded at all times.

The Therapist has to uphold the trust of all those who ask for treatment.

Every effort should be made to ensure that a Patient understands the nature and purpose of their care and treatment.

A Therapist must be ready to acknowledge his/her limitations of competence and refuse where they feel they have such a lacking to work on Patients until such time as they have first received instructions as to those functions and having been assessed as competent.

A Therapist shall make known at the earliest possible opportunity to Michael O’Doherty any conscientious objection which may be relevant to professional practice.

The Therapist shares responsibility for the care and treatment of patients with colleagues and therefore must have regard to the pressures and workload on colleagues and take appropriate action if these pressures and workloads jeopardize safe standards of practice.

Each Therapist shares responsibility to junior colleagues.

He or she is obliged to transmit acquired professional knowledge, skills and attitudes by word and example. The Therapist must not delegate to junior colleagues tasks and responsibilities beyond their skill and experience.

The Therapist is responsible for the care and treatment provided by their junior colleagues. The Therapist’s responsibility in transmitting knowledge, skills and attitudes and in keeping up the standards of care extends to junior colleagues when they are learning.

The Bio-Energy Therapist shall work in close co-operation with members of other health professions in the promotion of all efforts to meet the health needs of people.

When making public statements, the Therapist shall make it clear whether he or she is acting in a personal capacity or otherwise.

The Therapist will at all times take reasonable precaution to ensure that, from the point of view of his health, he or she is competent to carry out his or her duties. It should be pointed out that abuse of alcohol or drugs will adversely affect their competence.

In taking part in research, the principles of confidentiality and the provision of adequate information to enable an informed judgment to be made by the patient must be safeguarded. The Therapist has an obligation to ensure that the research is being carried out by an appropriate body and that the rights of the patient are protected at all times.

Under no circumstances should a Therapist while training, take it upon themselves to treat any patient whilst not working in the clinic, this meaning holidays, weekends, days off etc., without clarification from Michael O’Doherty.

It is important that the Therapist should maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.

Do not alter your Clients intake of medication.

All Practitioners/Trainee’s must ensure that all Patient Information is secured and Filed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2017


  • Following my first meeting with Michael I immediately felt better. After an hour of energy-healing treatment. I felt revived and was able to go for a long walk – something I had been unable to do for months. My energy had shifted and was now beginning to flow again. In the long term, it had made a huge improvement to my overall well-being. No matter what your problems are, they can be cured if your energy is cleared and moving again.

  • The medical profession told me to forget about doing the same things as before. Michael O‘Doherty however was the first person to tell me he could fix the problem. I can now walk, drive, work, everything I used to do before. Michael didn’t just tell me he would fix it; he kept his word. The one thing I really liked about the treatment process was that you were given the time you required, which doesn’t happen in a lot of places. If your treatment required a lot of time then you weren’t rushed, you were given the time. I can honestly say he literally gave me my life back.

  • It is because Michael has such energy and enthusiasm and he encourages you to stop giving illness our energy and focus on steps towards feeling good about yourself. Latest studies show that our bodies have the remarkable ability to heal ourselves but only if we make changes to our lifestyle, diet and exercise and taking time to relax. When you begin to feel a bit better then you start to believe you can get better and it becomes self fulfilling. If this story can make one person want to take charge of their lives by what they eat and do, I will be delighted. He has helped me change my life and you can change yours too. Just imagine a life without illness.

  • After the first session, I slept for hours. After the second, I was freezing. “I’ve cooled down your body, it’s relaxed and it will heal” he explained. Amazingly, by the last session, my pain had disappeared. “I’d forgotten what that felt like” I grinned. I still see Michael every six months. People may not understand – I don’t really! But I’m pain free and that’s all that matters!

  • We had an amazing Christmas and I cannot express how grateful we are to Michael, Tina and all the team for giving Elissa the gift of health. During and after her treatment we made some minor changes to Elissa’s diet and added supplements to her daily routine. Along with these changes and regular attendance with Tina, Elissa continues to remain in excellent health, is off all medication and her symptoms have completely disappeared. Elissa and her entire family will never forget what Plexus Bio Energy healing has achieved and will always be grateful.


The information provided in this website and in all training programmes on this website is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical treatment or medical advice. The information is not intended to replace any medical treatments and clients, patients or family members should not alter their medical treatments or intake of any medication without prior consultation with their medical Dr. or other medical consultant.