Back to Basics Nutrition with Mary

in association with Michael O Doherty

Simplifying Health Naturally

Each day, every one of us eats, drinks and makes choices which either feed our health or feed disease … choices which either support our body or challenge our body. Because of all the confusing and contradicting information and advice that’s out there, the problem is, at times, it is hard to know whether our choices ARE feeding health or disease!

For sure, health and how we can support our health has become very complicated and confusing. Mary’s aim in creating Back to Basics is to empower you to know how you and your family can thrive naturally .. simply by going back to the basics!

Mary guides and encourages you to look to the basics as the key to improving and taking control of your diet, lifestyle choices and health.

Would you like to

  • Create  better health for you and your family but just don’t know where to start?
  • Have a better understanding about which food and drink choices are best (and worst) for health?
  • Discover how healthy you could be if your nutrition was better?
  • Be confident in your food and lifestyle choices for better health & a better life?
  • Thrive .. not simply survive?
If you have answered YES please keep reading

We can ALWAYS do something to improve our health & quality of life.  All of us benefit from dietary improvements but first we need to understand the basics, get the foundations right and then progress from there, making gradual changes one step at a time.


When it comes to your health journey you are in charge. Back to Basics is designed to give you the tools you need in order to improve and take control of your diet, lifestyle choices and health.

Simplify Health

In this Programme you will discover:

  • The universal basics to healthy eating
  • The good .. the bad .. and the ugly choices – The key is to limit the things that challenge our health & body – and increase the good supportive choices – in every way we can.
  • Tips and easy ways to upgrade meals, snacks & drinks to better fuel your life
  • Easy swaps and ideas
  • Tips on easy ways to increase your & your family’s intake of vegetables
  • Easy natural ways to support a healthy gut as a foundation to a healthy life
  • How our diet affects the health of our gut and what we can do to support it starting today one meal at a time .. one effort at a time
  • If there is such a thing as a perfect diet…
  • The importance of adjusting your dietary choices and lifestyle factors
  • About connecting your dots! – explore the fact that health is absolutely not about diet alone .. and the amazing Power of Habit


What do you get in Back to Basics?

The full programme is broken down into Easy-to-follow video presentations (Total running time – Approx 90 minutes) plus extensive Supportive Documents, Charts & Recipes to download.
You will have lifetime access to this Programme


Back to Basics is available at a Special Introductory Price of €55

On signing up to this programme you will have immediate access to all the videos, support documents and recipes.

The programme consists of almost 90 minutes of video clips  which you can watch at any time and at your own pace.  If you join me today you will have immediate access to all video presentations along with extensive support documentation and recipes.

You have lifelong access to the programme & all updates.

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Watch the programme as often as you like from the privacy and comfort of your own home
You will have lifetime access to this Programme
Buy Back to Basics at a Special Introductory
Price of €55


Back to Basics is all about creating & embedding a healthy lifestyle. It is not something to do overnight.