What a powerful impact he had, someone you want around you in a positive way … You won’t hear a negative thing from that man’s mouth and that’s an important thing in today’s world.

Michael Flatley

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6 or 7 years ago I had problems with my stomach and once Michael treated me I could feel the energy just flowing into the ground and within a week could feel myself getting better by the day.

George Comenord

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Childrens health issues are not properly understood and parents are frustrated by the lack of support and understanding within the medical establishment. I deal with this on a daily basis and here you can hear directly from parents about the success of our treatment.

I can function.  I can sleep.  My cholesterol is not through the roof.  I don’t take any medication.  I was taking £38000 worth of medications a year. I needed a £65000 back operation.  I didn’t have it.  And now I’m fit as a fiddle.

Danny Deering

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Elissa and her entire family will never forget what Plexus Bio Energy healing has achieved and will always be grateful.

Elissa Carty, aged 14, had been experiencing severe bouts of vomiting during 2013 with no known medical cause. This culminated on 10th April 2014 when I was called to her school as she was suffering from a headache, vomiting and had difficulty walking.

She was admitted to hospital and remained there for approximately 10 days. Various tests were performed and none indicated any root cause of her severe symptoms. She continued to suffer from continuous migraine-like headaches, vomiting and unable to walk for a number of weeks. Her mobility returned but the other symptoms remained. Over the next few months she was subjected to numerous blood tests, MRI scan, Camera exploration and no known medical cause could be established. She attended at specialist clinics etc. with no clear reason for her severe symptoms. We were told her condition was called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. I was doubtful about this as her symptoms were continuous as opposed to cyclical. Elissa was prescribed various medications in an attempt to relieve her symptoms but again very little relief.

The headaches and vomiting continued throughout 2014. She missed the last 6-7 weeks of 1st year at school, spent the entire summer in pain and attempted to return to school for 2nd year. Her entire life had changed. She was unable to participate in activities and spend time with friends. As a parent it was heart-breaking to watch her in so much pain, There was no end in sight and we had completed all the medical tests, nothing was working. We were at our wits end. The strain was affecting our entire family.

In December 2014, I brought Elissa to a massage therapist. After the session, the therapist was alarmed at how unwell she was and asked me would I contact Michael O’Doherty Plexus Bio Energy healing. I must admit I was sceptical and almost didn’t contact Michael. On Friday the 12th December I rang the office and Michael answered. We talked briefly and he immediately agreed to see Elissa the following Monday. When we arrived Tina began the therapy with Elissa. There were slight improvements over the first few days and by Wednesday evening the difference in Elissa was astounding. When we attended the 4th therapy session that week her headaches had almost disappeared and the vomiting had stopped. This was astounding to us. After 9 months of hell my daughter was returning to health almost overnight. To see her emerge from this pain was hard to believe but there was no denying that the treatment had worked. To this day I still can’t get over how well she became in such a short period of time.

We had an amazing Christmas and I cannot express how grateful we are to Michael, Tina and all the team for giving Elissa the gift of health.

During and after her treatment we made some minor changes to Elissa’s diet and added supplements to her daily routine. Along with these changes and regular attendance with Tina,  Elissa continues to remain in excellent health, is off all medication and her symptoms have completely disappeared.

Elissa and her entire family will never forget what Plexus Bio Energy healing has achieved and will always be grateful.

Allison Carty, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland

I honestly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the energy treatment to other parents.

Clare woman, Jackie Flynn, first brought her son Adam for treatment when he was just under a year old. Many months of various antibiotics had reflected no improvement in his conditions, which involved chest pains, severe wheezing and coughing.   Seeing this lack of progress prompted Jackie to seek out a number of alternative options, one of which was Plexus Bio Energy.  Here Jackie gives an account of the change in Adam before the work on his energy system.

“The whole area of Bio-Energy treatment first came to our attention after it was recommended to us by a friend” Jackie recalls.  “At the time our baby boy Adam was suffering from a recurring chest infection and had been on antibiotics since he was just three months old. In fact, by the time he was a year old; he had been through eleven antibiotics and was on steroids, which was quite a lot for a child that young.   Personally, I always found that the antibiotics never really cleared his chest pains; they only seemed to mask the problem.

“As Adam was so young when he first began experiencing chest pains, the doctors couldn’t really determine whether he was suffering from bronchitis, baby wheeze or asthma.  Overall, the general consensus was that he would grow out of it.  Eventually, however, it got to the point where we had to put him on a nebuliser twice a day.  At night, he was unsettled and couldn’t sleep properly because he was constantly coughing due to the build up of mucus and phlegm in this chest.  I remember, whenever, I placed my hand on his back I could actually feel him wheezing.  The medication didn’t appear to be working and he was even hospitalised on two occasions with chest pains.  Doctors decided then to place him on steroids in a bid to try and help clear his chest.  While they might have helped the problem slightly, again I felt they weren’t actually treating the condition, they were just masking it.

Jackie recalls the change in Adam after the work done on his energy system.

I didn’t’ personally know Michael O‘Doherty prior to Adam’s treatment in his clinic, she admits. So at the beginning I was sceptical. When I saw him working on Adam and waving his hands around him, I actually thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous. However, we were at a stage where we didn’t’ want Adam taking so many antibiotics, so we were more than willing to try alternative routes like Bio-Energy, as the medical route clearly wasn’t working.

Sure enough, after Adams third treatment session with Michael, we could see a visible improvement.  As well as administering the treatment.  Michael made small changes to Adams diet and it all seemed to have a positive effect on him.  He is now 2 ½ years old and I can honestly say he had never had a chest infection since undergoing the treatment.

There was one occasion where he was taking antibiotics for his ear, but at no point since the treatment has he been on medication for his chest. Adam literally went from being on a different antibiotic every month to being on no antibiotics at all. When I look back on how bad his chest condition used to be, I very firmly believe he would be a lot worse today had we not brought him for Bio Energy treatment when we did.

Half the time Michael didn’t even charge me, so it wasn’t like he was telling me to bring Adam back for more treatment because he was trying to make more money out of it. He was doing it because he genuinely cared for the child.

Finally, Jackie offers advice to parents in similar situation.

“My advice to other parents who are in a situation similar to the one I was in is to look at the alternative options.  There’s no harm in finding out what else is out there.  As I said before, I was very sceptical at the beginning, but now I would actually advise parents to try the Bio Energy Treatment before they go down the medical route.  There is no point placing your child on medication if there is another way their condition can be treated. To buy a nebuliser is quite costly and that’s before you even take into consideration the cost of the various medications.

As I have personally witnessed the results of the treatment through Adam, I honestly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the energy treatment to other parents.

Just want to say thanks to Michael ... Best money I have ever spent in my life.

Just want to say thanks to Michael and the Therapist that worked on me and the Reception Staff. I am a new person since Ennis in Autumn last year (something like chronic fatigue for 8 yrs). Unbelievable how its improved me. Can’t believe that I wake up every day with no joint pain, muscle ache, nausea, dizziness, weakness. Its unbelievable.

My family used to roll their eyes when I said I was tired all the time.  Now they keep saying that that man in Ennis did a sight for me.  They had never realized there was anything wrong with me.  They just thought I was being lazy. I meant to e-mail earlier to say thanks. I hope to attend in Dublin again for a few more treatments in the future (just for good measure).

I have told some people I know that it worked for me. But its up to them to see if it works for them. I hope myself that they try it.
Best money I have ever spent in my life.
Thanks again
Co. Leitrim.

I feel confident about going out & socialising and I’m working again. Everything’s changed for the better.

I couldn’t pass water unless my bladder was absolutely full to the point where I looked pregnant.  I’d pass blood and I also noticed what looked like unflushed loo paper in the toilet bowl, which I later learned was part of my bladder wall.  My GP was at a loss as to what was wrong and told my Mum to take me to a specialist.  Doctors said it must be urinary infection, but tests always came back clear.  Flare ups were agonising.  It would feel as though my insides were on fire, and I’d be bent over in pain.  Sometimes, I’d sit on the toilet for hours trying to go, and I would constantly heave a hot water bottle on my to try and soothe my symptoms.

I struggled until, finally, at the age of 16 yrs I went tot see a new specialist who carried out a cystoscopy (where the Doctor looks into the bladder with a special telescope).  He diagnosed interstitial cystitis – chronic inflammation of the bladder wall.  Doctors don’t know what causes it.  The specialist told me that the bladder would feel smooth, like the inside of your mouth, but mine was like the surface of the moon.  He suggested injecting Botox into my bladder, but after a couple of sessions of that I was left unable to pass water and in terrible pain.  Another treatment involved having my bladder injected with a product called Cystistat, a sticky fluid that is meant to coat the bladder walls.  I was treated every five weeks for 4 years, under general aesthetic because it was so painful.  I had to give up my job as a receptionist at a car dealer ship because it would take me a week to recover from the treatment each time.  I felt miserable.

Last May my Mum found a website about the healer Michael O ‘Doherty, who practises Plexus Bio Energy.  She thought I should give it a try as a last resort.  It’s a very unintrusive therapy, I was told that it would be a 4 day course initially, with a follow up appointment.  I felt sceptical, but decided to give it a go.

I went to see Michael in London last June, first, I had to stand up while he moved his hands around me, it looked as though he was dusting me down, but not touching me.  Then he started pulling on an imaginary rope.  Michael believes an illness or disease is caused by a blockage of the energy and if you unblock the energy you’ll be healed.  I could feel him pulling at the energy, which made me rock back and forth.  It wasn’t unnerving because he was so laid back, and my Mum was in the room.  I thought “Just go with it”.

Next I lay down and Michael put his hands on my stomach and I felt heat radiating through my abdomen.  It was incredible.  Over the four days, as well as this healing, he counselled me on diet, supplements and relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing from my stomach.

The transformation was amazing.  After the first day, I was passing water without pain and there was no blood or bladder wall.  A couple of months later, in August, I went back for a follow up appointment.  By that time, I felt fine, but a further session had been recommended because my symptoms had been so severe and prolonged.  Since then I’ve had no problems.  I haven’t seen a consultant and I’m not on any drugs.  My life no longer revolved around a toilet – it’s brilliant.  My family can’t believe the difference.  I feel confident about going out and socialising and I’m working again.  Everything’s changed for the better.

I’m pain free and that’s all that matters!

I’d tried every remedy possible….We hadn’t walked far on the beach, but my feet were throbbing. “Perhaps it’s the hot weather” my hubby Paul, 38 said.  My doctor diagnosed tendonitis, told me it’s clear up within 6 weeks.  Two months later, I was still in pain – one morning, I couldn’t get up.  “I can’t move” I cried to Paul.  “My whole body’s seized up”.  He called an ambulance, but hospital tests all came back clear.  “Just take some painkillers” the Doctor said.  But they didn’t’ touch the pain.  I couldn’t walk, could hardly open my mouth to eat.  Paul had to carry me to bed each night.  Sick of being sick, I decided to get a second opinion.  You have fibromyalgia, a condition that causes chronic pain, I was told.  “It’s incurable”.  How could I stand for the rest of my life?  Over the next six years, I was given steroid injections, chemo tablets, had visits to a pain clinic – but nothing worked.  Then on the telly, I heard about Plexus Healthcare, a healing therapy developed by a man named Michael O ‘Doherty from Ireland.
He’d recently opened a clinic in London.  I made an appointment and, on the day, Michael introduced himself, and then waved his arms around me.  “How will this help?” I thought.  “You have a problem with your digestive system, and the left side of your body’s shut down” he said eventually.

He diagnosed all that just by waggling his limbs?  It seemed like nonsense….I’m rebalancing your life energy” he said.    He didn’t touch me, but I felt a tingling all over.

After the first session, I slept for hours.  After the second, I was freezing.  “I’ve cooled down your body, it’s relaxed and it will heal” he explained.

Amazingly, by the last session, my pain had disappeared.  “I’d forgotten what that felt like” I grinned.  I still see Michael every six months.  People may not understand – I don’t really!  But I’m pain free and that’s all that matters!

I can honestly say he literally gave me my life back.

For Clare farmer Michael Lenihan, being able to walk is an accomplishment in itself. Considering what he’s been through, its not difficult to see why.

For over a year, Michael endured harrowing agony from pains shooting through his back, and at one stage, even standing straight was an impossible task. Doctor’s predicted a bleak future and could offer only pain management therapy when the painkilling injections proved ineffective. Fortunately Michael opted to take matters into his own hands and actively sought out alternative avenues which he hoped would hold the solution to his problem. Here he looks back on what he went through at that time and recalls a routine that many are only too familiar with – various referrals and no answers.

He explains, “my problem first began in 1997. I was driving a lot at the time and I remember experiencing a lot of stiffness in my lower back. It wasn’t long however before it developed into a sharp pain. I went to a physiotherapist for a couple of months but I didn’t find it helpful and in the end he actually advised me to go see a GP about the pain I was in. My GP sent me for x-rays and CT scans and afterwards I was referred to the Galway Clinic. I had my first appointment there in January 2008 and afterwards they referred me to a consultant in the University Hospital Cork. After he sent back his report on my condition, the Galway Clinic called me back for an appointment but by this time I was in so much pain I couldn’t even stand up straight or sit down comfortably. Lying in bed was also extremely painful and if I turned, I was in agony. Even getting in and out of bed was painful. There was no escaping it; my life was completely turned upside down.”

For Michael, the fear of experiencing the pain was equally as bad as the pain itself.

“If I made any sudden movements, I would get a searing pain throughout my lower back and hip area” he explains. “I had to watch everything I did; I was all the time dreading when the next pain would cut through me. I can’t describe just how bad the pain was. It would really take your breath away when you’d get a shot of it. Even the type of ground I walked on could result in a pain shooting through my back like an electric shock. I remember I was out walking in the field one day when I walked on some rough ground. I fell down immediately roaring in pain.”

He went on, “The doctors identified discs in my lower back that were causing the problem. They later called me back for four injections which were meant to relieve the pain, but to be honest I didn’t feel any better after them. Surgery was an option but not an advisable one. The only thing the doctors in the Galway Clinic could offer me was Pain Management Therapy. I was also told to take it easy, cut down on the amount of work I was doing and to be careful of what I was lifting. As I’m a farmer, that kind of advice was not what I wanted to hear.”

Frustratingly, the source of Michaels condition could not be pinpointed.

“The physiotherapist told me it could have been one thing or a hundred things that had caused what I was going through” Michael recall’s. “I personally don’t remember one particular incident that might have caused it. I just remember my back becoming very stiff over a period of time. I don’t think the driving caused it but I’d say it contributed to the problem.”

He adds, “around March 2008, following my time with the Galway Clinic, I visited a number of healers I had heard of through friends. I travelled to various different healers in Galway, Laois, Carlow, and Tipperary. They were all doing different things, but none of them seemed to do anything that gave me some relief from the pain. Sometime during the summer of 2008 I was talking to a friend about my condition and she started telling me about Michael O‘Doherty the healer and how he had treated her and her husband. When you are at your wits end with pain, you will travel anywhere to try anything that might relieve the agony somewhat so I immediately contacted the Plexus Bio-Energy Clinic and made an appointment to see a bio energy therapist that August.”

Much to Michael’s shock and relief, a physical assessment carried out by Michael O‘Doherty confirmed the problem was not with his back discs but his hip joint.

He explains, “I told Michael about my history and the pain I was in and he put me through a series of different movements. At the end of it, he told me I didn’t have a serious problem in my back, but rather a mechanical problem with the joints in my hip. It seems that part of my hip joint was out. I remember Michael compared me to a car crash because my whole back had been dragged out of place. He then said he would be able to fix it but that it would take some time because the joint had been out of place for so long. That was a real turning point for me. It was a relief to actually hear Michael say that it wasn’t my back that had been causing my problem because everyone else seemed to just conclude that the discs were out of place.”

Having gone from being unable to move without experiencing agonising pain to being able to resume his farm work, Michael himself is shocked by the change.

“I attended the clinic four days a week for three weeks” he explains. “As part of the treatment Michael placed me on the ground and pulled up my right arm. I could actually feel the relief as he went about adjusting the joint. He had to do this on five or six different occasions as the joint wasn’t staying in position. After a couple of weeks, I noticed my condition improving. The relief was unbelievable. I was given a programme of exercises to carry out at home which I followed religiously. They also advised me on which dietary supplements to take. I improved more and more with the treatment, but it was after Christmas when I really felt great. I still continue to go back for bio energy massages once every five weeks as I find them very beneficial. I found that the massages really strengthened the area. When I first began the massages, I found it difficult to get up onto the bench, but now I can hop up onto it without any bother.”

He adds, “The medical profession told me to forget about doing the same things as before. Michael O‘Doherty however was the first person to tell me he could fix the problem. I can now walk, drive, work, everything I used to do before. Michael didn’t just tell me he would fix it; he kept his word. The one thing I really liked about the treatment process was that you were given the time you required, which doesn’t happen in a lot of places. If your treatment required a lot of time then you weren’t rushed, you were given the time. I can honestly say he literally gave me my life back.”

Just imagine a life without illness.

In June 2013 I was suffering with back spasms having fallen down the stairs the day before and slept on the floor which was not uncommon.  I had suffered back problems since 1991 on and off, having had lower back surgery L4/5 S1/L5 Laminectomy and Discectomy in 1992 and a cage in my neck and fusion at C5/6 C6/7 in 2012.

Over the past 5 years I got worse been admitted to Hospital frequently, had nerve root blocks, revolutionary procedures like Rhizolysis to singe the nerves that Consultant Iona Collins was a pioneer of in this country.

I was on a lot of medication for the pain Morphine, Amytriptyline, Pregablin, Mirtazapine, Promazine, Diazepam for the spasms and water tablets as my feet were swelling and other tablets to counter the effects of taking the pain killers.  My weight had ballooned to 24 stone and my Cholesterol was very high and I was pre diabetic.

That morning watching the rugby took my mind off the pain as it was close match, but once it ended, I started shivering and sweating and I could feel my heart racing.  Unknowingly I probably over medicated on morphine and caused my body to go into toxic shock causing me to develop aspiration pneumonia.

My wife called an ambulance and en route to hospital I heard them asking to lay on the crash team and ‘resus team’, I was thinking are they talking about me?  I was admitted to Intensive care and nearly died it was touch and go and released 10 days later. I had physiotherapy and attended the Police Rehab Centre Flint House where I could go for a week’s intensive treatment as I was a retired Police Officer.  All of these worked for a bit but then the pain and the spasms came back.

I struggled on for several months until early November on the Piers Morgan show I saw Michael Flatley say how he was really ill with a debilitating virus type illness had paid thousands and saw 20 consultants to no avail.  His cleaner told him to try a man called Michael O Doherty a Bio Energy Healer based in Ennis Ireland; he saw him and was better after taking the dietary and lifestyle advice.  I thought if it could work for him why not for me.  I Googled his name rang and put my name on the list for a cancellation as he was booked for many months; luckily he had a cancelation for a clinic in London.  I saw some light at the end of the tunnel.

End of November I went to London with my wife; I couldn’t even wheel a suitcase and went by train as I was unable to drive.  I saw Michael O Doherty for 45 minutes a day over 4 consecutive days and booked into the hotel where he was doing the treatments. On meeting Michael he said “the body has the ability to heal itself given the correct food, nutrition exercise and sleep and I will give you the information, tools and confidence to help yourself.  Do you want me to help you?”  I readily agreed. He examined me all over and noticed that my feet were swollen and the ankles pronating inwards and indicated that this might be the initial cause of all my back and neck problems as posture starts from the feet.

He advised me to with my doctors help come off some if not all my medication and told me what to eat and what not to eat, as some foods cause inflammation, basically cut out sugar and other wheat based products and to cut down on tea coffee and caffeine.  Michael gave me a simple exercise program and breathing and visualisation exercises to help me sleep and relax.  He gave me a list of supplements to take to help my bodies’ digestion system recover and other supplements for my body.  He advised me to get regular massage to release muscle tension.
He then did energy correction and putting his hands near my body.  I could feel heat being generated in my lower back feet and neck even though he wasn’t touching me, after the session he told me to go for a lie down and try the visualisation techniques and just relax for a while.  Everyday after the treatments I slept like a log for up to 3 hours.  Sleep had become a luxury I hadn’t experienced for a while with all the shooting pains in my arms and legs I found it difficult to get off to sleep even for an hour.

On returning home I went to my Doctors and with his help started a program to slowly wean me off my medication.  I started the exercises and stretches and took the supplements and did visualisation and breathing control together with the dietary advice and sports massage.

In February 2014 I went to Ireland on a cheap weekend flight and met up with Michael who was impressed with the progress I had already made.  His associate Liam Fretwell assessed and measured me for orthotics specific to me that I currently wear; I am having these updated shortly. After 4 months in March 2014 I finally came off all my medication. In June 2014 I attended at the Hospital for an assessment clinic a 2 hour appointment prior to me having my spinal stabilisation surgery as last resort to stop the spasms and pain.  I tried to cancel the appointment as I knew I was a lot better but they still wanted to see me. A nurse of 30 years service who had seen me when I was admitted was so shocked by my progress and asked what had brought about the dramatic change. She couldn’t believe it and started to cry, she said “I don’t get to see good stories like this; it’s not made my day but made my year”

On seeing Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon Miss Iona Collins she was delighted and couldn’t believe the progress I had made in less than 7 months and wanted to know how I had achieved it.  So I told her my story, she was amazed and wants to speak to Michael O Doherty, she said my story will inspire others.

I have lost nearly 5 stone in weight

My cholesterol is now better than average

I am no longer pre diabetic

I have the blood pressure of a 35 year old (I am nearly 53)

No medication needed I can visualise the pain away

No longer need a £50,000 spinal stabilisation operation

I no longer smoke

I have more energy

I can sleep

I can remember things and I can think clearly

I have got my life back and my family have got me back from the brink

I would like to show others don’t lose hope and look for alternatives out there; exercise done correctly can help pain.  When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins and these interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine but without the side effects. I am still in pain but can manage it with what I have been taught.  Some of the pain is caused by my posture realigning itself due to the orthotics in my shoes and it will take time as my body was misaligned for over 20 years so it is not going to go back overnight.

I would like to say thanks to Michael Flatley for having the courage to speak on TV about seeking alternative remedies to cure an illness.  Michael O Doherty for giving me the tools and confidence make me want to change my life.  Liam Fretwell, Flint House, Chris Blake and my consultant, local doctors for helping me.  My wife and family who have supported me when I was so down and without hope, they can now see what belief in something can do.  I feel so good and people that see me are genuinely happy for me and making me feel even better, it takes me ages just to go around the village as so many people just can’t get over the fantastic difference in me and want to know how I have done it.

It is because Michael has such energy and enthusiasm and he encourages you to stop giving illness our energy and focus on steps towards feeling good about yourself.  Latest studies show that our bodies have the remarkable ability to heal ourselves but only if we make changes to our lifestyle, diet and exercise and taking time to relax.  When you begin to feel a bit better then you start to believe you can get better and it becomes self fulfilling.  If this story can make one person want to take charge of their lives by what they eat and do, I will be delighted.

He has helped me change my life and you can change yours too.  Just imagine a life without illness.

Just try something different, what have you got to lose.

Pictures: Danny before & after bio-energy treatments & programme with Michael.

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