Patient Day Training Manual

This one-day Training forms part of your four-day programme.


Your body is made up of energy and if this energy system becomes imbalanced your body becomes ill. This energy flows through the body through channels called the Meridian System that runs adjacent to the nervous system.   It is responsible for carrying blood, oxygen and nutrients around your body. This is critical to your health and life. It is your life energy.

NOTE. You have 60,000 miles of vessels in your body.

Birth stress, emotional stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental toxins are just some of the things that imbalance the energy system of the body. This in turn causes the various systems of your body and in particular the digestive system to breakdown resulting in many symptoms developing in the body.  These symptoms range from digestive problems, fatigue, headaches, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune problems, skin conditions, depression, cancer, heart disease, insomnia, asthma, back and neck issues, poor concentration and focus just to name a few.

So, the first thing we need to do for you is to get your energy system balanced and flowing properly and begin to release the stress that has accumulated in your body over the years. What happens is that your body adapts to a state of stress that is not normal and it is by balancing your energy system that we can regulate the body back to a normal state and stop your body producing stress hormones. This is the first step in healing.


It is absolutely crucial that your mindset is positive and focused only on your health and your life. Many people that come to our clinics seem focused on their symptoms and their illness, not their health and this will often prevent them getting back to full health.  Your image and perception of yourself, your health, and your future is directly affecting you so, on the patient training day we will educate you how to get into the right mindset that will enable you to shape your own future and your life for the better.

Your thoughts, feelings and perceptions create biochemical reactions in your body that can heal you or make you sick so its time for change.

Remember, for drugs to be licensed into the market first they have to be better than Placebo. This means better than your mind. The scientific evidence is clear, what you expect and believe influences your body and even heals your body and emotions.  Your mind is one of your most powerful healing weapons. We will teach you how to change it and use it.



When one is stressed, sick or been given a negative diagnosis Fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, anger and frustration will often set in and again it is crucial that you are thought how to transform these emotions.   Negative emotions drain your energy and disrupt the bodies healing capabilities. Leading edge emotional transformation and visualization skills will be thought to you on the training day of the programme when you practice them on a daily basis, it will help eliminate a lot of stress from your body and greatly assist your healing.  Emotions store in the organs of your body and trap the energy within those organs. This in turn overloads the enteric nervous system that is embedded in the gut, Oesophagus and throat. We will release this overload and trapped energy using specially developed techniques and together with the correct skills that we will teach you, can prevent the energy from building up again.


Nutrition plays a major role when it comes to sickness and health. We now live in a world of convenience where everything is packaged and frozen and ready for use. People’s lives are so fast they barely have time to eat. I would go as far as saying that many are suffering from malnutrition. People are eating lots of food but there is no nutrition in the food as it is processed, full of sugar and preservatives and causing many of our modern-day illnesses. Disease is a live living organism and needs food to survive and every time you eat you are feeding your disease or your health. Food could be killing you.

You will have to change your behaviour around your food if you want to get healthier. On the patient training day time will be devoted specifically to this area where you will be thought exactly what you need to know and the changes you need to make regarding your nutrition. This is not a diet but a healthier lifestyle change with great nutritional advice for you and your family that will have amazing benefits.   You also need to understand that your Gut is connected to your brain and your body and what goes on in the gut directly affects the brain and body. If your gut is inflamed your brain and body will be inflamed. This results in symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, poor concentration and focus, fibromyalgia, etc. Recent research suggests that MS, Parkinson’s, Motor Neurons disease and many, many other degenerative diseases begin in your gut including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.   We may also advise you to consult with one of our specialists in the field of nutrition depending on the specific health issue.

Life and Death begins in the gut.

“The diversity of what you eat on a day to day basis affects the diversity of bacteria {microbes} in our gut and this in turn determines the type of illness or health you will experience”. Professor Fergus Shanahan.


Very few people are aware of the very important eco system within the body and the role this amazing system plays in our health and sickness.

Do you know that 90% of you is made up of Microbes {tiny organisms} that reside all over our body but primarily in the digestive system. If the balance of this microbial system is altered in a negative way through Birth stress, poor nutritional habits, environmental toxins, emotional stress you will get sick and develop conditions that may be life threatening. Cancer, obesity, heart issues, autoimmune conditions etc. can have their origin within this microbial environment.


Stress and shock at birth via C-sections, vacuum and forceps deliveries, I believe, are causing more damage than we realize and while they may be necessary the implications are huge. Stressful births can strain the head and neck, causing interference in the nerve signals between the brain and the digestive system.

When a baby travels down the birth canal microbes are transferred from the mother to baby and it is the first immunization that plays a vital role in the development of the baby and its immune system.  The transfer of microbes’ does not happen properly it can lay the foundation for lots of health issues such as colic, allergies, asthma, eczema, learning and behavioral issues, emotional based problems etc. excessive use of antibiotics in this early stage of life can wipe out vital species of microbes critical to our health.  Given the rise in various diseases and disorders in children today, it is essential that more attention is given to this critical stage of life and in the event of birth stress and trauma that the correct steps are taken to resolve it.  Releasing this birth stress through the leading edge energy treatment skills we have developed, together with breast feeding, infantile probiotics and an organic based nutrition Programme will go a long way in resolving the problem.   Within our clinics our children’s health care Programme is cutting edge and provides parents with the understanding as to the cause of their children’s health issues and most importantly the solutions.


Many believe that exercise is all about being in the gym, cycling, out walking the roads, running etc. and while all that might be good for some it may not be good for you. A lot of back, neck and joint pain is due to incorrect exercise and my advise for you is that if you have health issues is to go for walks in the woods or by the beach. You need relaxation not more stress.  Again on the patient training day we will assess your physical structure and recommend or teach you the correct physical and rehabilitation strategy that suits your needs. This may also require you seeing one of our specialists in this field depending on the specific issue.


You are continuously interacting with your environment be it at home, work, school or external. Stressors within any of these environments will contribute to poor health.  Within your home are you using toxic cleaning agents, burning toxic candles etc. is there emotional stress within the home or work, how much stress does your mobile phone cause you, are you getting proper sleep, do you spend much time on social media etc. etc. all of these things we will discuss to ensure that every opportunity is taken to ensure you recover and have a life without illness.


The most valuable thing you have in life is time, and what you do with that time is up to you.   Ask yourself this question, how much of your time do you waste each day concerning yourself with issues that you have no control over.  Its time you focused on your life and trust in the process.

We are all on a journey and we must recoginise life is more than just what we see and touch. We need to get in touch with nature much more and realise that status and wealth is irrelavent when it comes to contentment and peact of mind.   Connect to the heart and immerse yourself in the conciousness of divine love when ever possible and you will be amazed at the answers and guidance that will emerge.  All cultures accept that there is a higher energy source. We must trust in that source and not fear it. let go your fear and live.

If you are willing to change and engage in the strategy we create for you in conjunction with our treatment, within a short period of time you will begin to see and feel the benefits. Your choice.

Your Health is In Your Hands

The information provided in this website and in all training programmes on this website is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical treatment or medical advice. The information is not intended to replace any medical treatments and clients, patients or family members should not alter their medical treatments or intake of any medication without prior consultation with their medical Dr. or other medical consultant.