Michael Flatley & His BioEnergy Therapy

50 of the best doctors and over 200 medical tests could not sort Michael Flatley’s health issues.

When I restored balance to his Bio-energy System his body recovered.

Illness begins first within the energy system of your body and it must be the first step in healing.




What you believe about your health and life is crucial! You need to realise that what you are thinking, perceiving and believing right now you are creating. Michael regularly refers to the ‘placebo effect’ which provides concrete evidence that the body is equipped with inbuilt self repair mechanisms that have the power to heal.

Michael’s over-riding message is – Your body is your business because only you can control which thoughts, feelings and beliefs you allow into your brain, and those thoughts, beliefs, and feelings have been scientifically proven to significantly affect every cell in your body.

Lifestyle medicine and taking a holistic approach is the key to better personal and family healthcare and when you have a balanced Bio-energy system combined with a positive outlook, balanced nutrition plan, relaxation and emotional balancing techniques etc, you will change your life for ever. In Michael’s Clinics this is exactly the focus.

Take control now.

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“Belief, Commitment and Discipline 
are the keys to success.”




    Both my practitioners and I work with a limited number of people on a one to one basis at my clinics in Ireland and the UK where great time and effort is taken to ensure the cause of your health issues are clearly identified and the correct strategies are put in to place. Emotional stress, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, Stress and anxiety, back pain, lacking motivation and children’s health issues are just a few of the conditions that people attend my clinic with.

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    Are you worried about the health of your children or other family members? Does stress, fatigue, learning and behavioural issues, digestive issues, skin conditions, colic, back problems, respiratory issues to name just a few, affect your life? If you answered yes to either of these two questions then my family healthcare online training programme is a must for you.

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    By choosing a career with Michael O Doherty’s Bioenergy healing and  Healthcare System you can enjoy the benefits of growing your own successful practice or enhancing your existing practice, having immense job satisfaction from witnessing miraculous type changes in clients lives, and evolving your own personal development and healthcare strategies bringing you to another level of awareness.

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  • Following my first meeting with Michael I immediately felt better. After an hour of energy-healing treatment. I felt revived and was able to go for a long walk – something I had been unable to do for months. My energy had shifted and was now beginning to flow again. In the long term, it had made a huge improvement to my overall well-being. No matter what your problems are, they can be cured if your energy is cleared and moving again.

  • The medical profession told me to forget about doing the same things as before. Michael O‘Doherty however was the first person to tell me he could fix the problem. I can now walk, drive, work, everything I used to do before. Michael didn’t just tell me he would fix it; he kept his word. The one thing I really liked about the treatment process was that you were given the time you required, which doesn’t happen in a lot of places. If your treatment required a lot of time then you weren’t rushed, you were given the time. I can honestly say he literally gave me my life back.

  • It is because Michael has such energy and enthusiasm and he encourages you to stop giving illness our energy and focus on steps towards feeling good about yourself. Latest studies show that our bodies have the remarkable ability to heal ourselves but only if we make changes to our lifestyle, diet and exercise and taking time to relax. When you begin to feel a bit better then you start to believe you can get better and it becomes self fulfilling. If this story can make one person want to take charge of their lives by what they eat and do, I will be delighted. He has helped me change my life and you can change yours too. Just imagine a life without illness.

  • After the first session, I slept for hours. After the second, I was freezing. “I’ve cooled down your body, it’s relaxed and it will heal” he explained. Amazingly, by the last session, my pain had disappeared. “I’d forgotten what that felt like” I grinned. I still see Michael every six months. People may not understand – I don’t really! But I’m pain free and that’s all that matters!

  • We had an amazing Christmas and I cannot express how grateful we are to Michael, Tina and all the team for giving Elissa the gift of health. During and after her treatment we made some minor changes to Elissa’s diet and added supplements to her daily routine. Along with these changes and regular attendance with Tina, Elissa continues to remain in excellent health, is off all medication and her symptoms have completely disappeared. Elissa and her entire family will never forget what Plexus Bio Energy healing has achieved and will always be grateful.


The information provided in this website and in all training programmes on this website is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical treatment or medical advice. The information is not intended to replace any medical treatments and clients, patients or family members should not alter their medical treatments or intake of any medication without prior consultation with their medical Dr. or other medical consultant.